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Halloween time is coming!! ~Peter一家お化けの出るトウモロコシ畑に行くの巻~



Long time no write readers! I apologize for my long absence but I've been very busy lately with life in general. My wife is about half way through her first semester at West Virginia University so she has been studying a lot. My son has learned to crawl really well and decided that he needs to constantly move around the house, so I spend a lot of time chasing him. Yesterday we noticed his first tooth! I've been working at a restaurant in the evenings after Emily returns from school. So after I complete my YLS daily teaching most of my time is accounted for. I plan on getting more organized in the upcoming weeks.





Both Emily and I had today off so we decided to take Jack to a pumpkin farm.  Going to a pumpkin farm around Halloween time is something that I used to do when I was a little kid, so it was fun to share that experience with Jack.  We managed to make our way through a corn maze without getting completely lost!  I'm not sure if corn mazes exist in Japan but essentially it is just a field of corn with a maze cut out.  Sometimes they will call them haunted corn mazes and there will be actors inside to scare you! 









  1. juneberry より:

    Peter,thank you for sending students great pictures.
    We really enjoy how fast your son grows!

  2. natto1129 より:

    Jack’s smile next to the “pumpkin” is so cute!
    And I am glad to look your smile!


  3. juneberry より:

    Peter,thank you for sending us many wonderful photos. it’s very good to see how your family are enjoying the days! Next time I’d like to see the first tooth of your son!

    ピーター一家の幸せそうな顔を 拝見するたびに、こちらまで気持ちがなごみますね!


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