The United States presidential election has come and gone and I think most Americans are thankful for that. There was a lot of negativity toward both of the major political party's candidates this year.  It is best for us to put it all behind us and move forward as a nation united and not divided by parties.  





My election day went like this.  My wife and I packed Jack into the car and went to our polling location at about 730am.  The lines were very short at that time of day and we were done within fifteen or twenty minutes. 





I had to work at 4pm so while I was at work I would take any opportunity to check my phone and see who had the most votes.  By the time I arrived home at 1130pm it was looking like a Trump victory.  I stayed up until 230am waiting to see who would win, but I was tired and kept falling asleep.  I awoke at 6am and found out that Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States.





My personal feelings are that I don't think he should be our president but after listening to Hilary Clinton and President Obama speak I realized that now more than ever we need to be untied as a country.  I need to hope that Donald Trump will do a good job, I can't tear him down or root against him.  I may not like him as a person or think he is qualified for the job but I need to support him for America's sake. 





I need to use my voice to try and make sure he makes the right decisions while leader of the United States.  A lot of people took to protesting him as president and that is ok but I don't think they should be getting violent and starting riots, this will solve nothing and only hurt and divide us more.






I intend to follow his presidency close, I want to be more informed in what my government is doing.